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An epic battle in streaming music is about to begin, and only a few will survive - Quartz

Great article on the issues in front of the streaming music industry and the music industry in general.

"Fred Wilson recently coined the term ‘App Constellations’ to describe what he was seeing in the mobile app ecosystem with respect to distribution. […] the idea being that standalone apps are better for mobile, versus the all encompassing platforms that dominate desktop experiences - and it’s a better position to own and control several of these key apps on any person’s device.
but it doesn’t seem to be working, at least not yet."

Bubba Murarka (Managing Director at DFJ)’s comment on Why aren’t App Constellations working? Quibb members share some diverse opinions


This guy.


"Deep linking allows app developers to link to specific pages within apps; for example, instead of linking to the Hotel Tonight mobile web site, or to the front page of the Hotel Tonight app, one could link directly to a specific hotel inside the Hotel Tonight app. A simple difference, but a profound impact."

Why Deep Linking Matters

Why is SEX So Terrible in Videogames?


"Microsoft’s pivot memo from Satya Nadella. It says all the right things, in roughly the right order, but changing the products and approach to the market of an organisation that big is obviously going to be hard and painful. And becoming relevant in mobile needs more than a change in strategy. Interesting footnote: Xbox is marked as non-core. It’s starting to feel like the war for the living room that the tech industry has been obsessed with for a decade or more will be won from the smartphone, not something plugged into the TV."

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